With one goal-bring out the best in myself and others.

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Franklin Morais is a Certified Professional Coach and Mastery Practitioner (MP), with the International Association of Coaching. You can get more information about IAC here. He is also a Certified Facilitator, trained under GrapePeople with Finnish Education Evaluation Center credentials (FINEEC). You can get more information about GrapePeople here. He is a member of the International Association of Facilitators.

“Great leaders are great learners”

Franklin was interviewed by Ubiquity, a leadership training and coaching organization out of Ottawa, Canada recently. He was interviewed by Ubiquity’s founder, Terry Lipovsky, who is also on the board of governors, IAC Global.

This is where you can find the podcast…https://www.ubiquityleadership.com/inspiringleaders/e091-the-magic-of-facilitation-with-franklin-morias

“I am inspired by leaders that have grace and passion”

Franklin serves on the Executive Committee of the Malaysian Association of Facilitators. 
When not coaching or facilitating, Franklin enjoys facilitating education in the fields of Counseling and Organizational Behavior with a local private university and college.
Before venturing into Coaching, Facilitation, and academia, Franklin worked in the Information Technology sector for Fortune 500 Companies like NCR and Unisys. He also had a stint with non-profit organizations in leadership positions.

“Facilitation is guiding and guarding the process of bringing out the best in others”

In the university, Franklin taught Leadership at both undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. Whilst at the university, he was also called upon to conduct numerous seminars, workshops and training programs for students, teachers, and employees in both the private and government sectors on Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Teambuilding, and other soft skills areas.

Enjoying the Christmas spirit in 2008 at the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences party. Dr Goh Chee Leong, just below the keyboardist! That’s Dr Brendan Gomez belting out the carol!
With colleagues at 2007 Convocation at Shangri La Hotel Ballroom.

Panelist on Selamat Pagi Malaysia, March 2007, RTM 2

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