3 Points for High Potential Living

How high you reach is your call
  1. GOALS – long term, mid-term and short-term. It’s quite true that unless we have goals, we go around in circles. We do a Sisyphus ( https://www.britannica.com/topic/Sisyphus ). And how frustrating and crazy is that?! Not choosing to have a goal is incidentally, a goal. Howbeit, a subconscious one. An under the radar goal to perhaps keep someone from the risk of failure. These are people who are “super kiasu” (desperately cannot lose!). So they stop living. And everything about their life is about preventing failure. They don’t realize that even that strategy takes energy. How about using that energy to think about, design, and come up with goals for living? Daily goals lived within the context of mid-term goals, with the future goal in mind. For example, I want to be the most outstandingly effective life and executive coach in Malaysia. That’s a long-term goal. In the meantime, I need to work on a short-term goal. For me, that’s arranging coaching sessions with peers to keep working at my coach-craft. In terms of a mid-term goal in this endeavor to be Malaysia’s outstandingly effective life and executive coach, I work to build a community of lifelong learning and practicing coaches through the International Association of Coaching, Malaysia KL Chapter, for which I am the chapter Lead ( https://www.facebook.com/IACMalaysia/ )
  2. GET GOING – get going, do something today to move you closer to your goals. This point is about TAKING ACTION. I tend to be very much a cognitive person. This means that I am very comfortable thinking and coming up with ideas and analysis. Whilst that is useful and necessary, I need to work on execution. I need to get up from my favorite rocking chair or settee and DO something in the direction of my goals. Too much of brain-work is not very productive, as too much of anything is. Equilibrium is key. Or if you prefer, Balance. So I need to ensure that my DOING aspect is right up there together with the thinking and feeling aspects of how I live.
  3. REVIEW & REFLECT – apparently someone said, “Feedback is food of Champions”. That’s quite true. And review and reflection is especially powerful when you can do it within a relationship or community context. It helps immensely when you share your thoughts with another, and get a new or fresh perspective. So I have a coaching triad where 2 other coaching buddies come together and we coach each other with one of us observing and giving feedback. In addition, the IAC KL chapter organizes events which serve as a platform for members to practice their skill and receive feedback.

So there! Try the 3 points and give me your feedback at askme@axesspotential.com

All the very best in your life!

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