A Nugget A Day…

Today I was reminded that I bring a uniqueness to every interaction I have with someone else. Especially in a counseling and/or coaching session. As a professional coach, it is the unwritten maxim that lifelong learning is a non-negotiable element in our trade. That’s a great maxim to guide you in this craft. It can also blind-side you to your unique set of knowledge, skills, and other abilities that you bring to it.

This came out forcefully a few days back. It happened during a Learning & Development session for a bunch of us coaches working to acquire credentials in our craft. We were listening in on a recording of a coach-coachee session. I learned much through this session. I learned what I should do the next time when I’m in a coaching session. I also learned what I should NOT do as well.

Then today (Friday, May 8th, 2020), I came across “The Inspiration Code-How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day”, by Kristi Hedges (Copyright © 2017 AMACOM, a division of American Management Association).

I hadn’t finished the first page when I realized that I had some pretty unique strengths that I bring to a counselling or coaching session.

This post is to remind me of these strengths.

They are:

  1. I stay in the present with the Client and track with them relentlessly.
  2. I actively listen to them, not just to what they are saying, but also to what is not being said.
  3. I continuously seek to clarify what the Client perceives as the main issue.
  4. I do this by expressing myself clearly with open-ended questions for the Client.
  5. I keep my positivity out there and always hear for latent strengths the Client is speaking or pointing to, and I seek to help them amplify these strengths.
  6. I’m always listening to their way of thinking, and how that is helping them and then to raise these thoughts of theirs into their consciousness so as to reinforce them.
  7. I am cheerful and positive in sessions, yet, I am able to emphatize where needed to help draw them out more.
  8. I seek to match them, and pace them in their speed of speech, and sometimes I help them slow down so that they have an opportunity to hear their own thoughts.
  9. I work with bouts of Silence. Silence is a tremendous opportunity for the Client to reflect in session. Great change can happen during these moments.
  10. I try to affirm my Clients every time I hear an achievement in their stories.
  11. I’m not afraid to ask my Clients permission to share my own stories which resonate with theirs and can amplify theirs.
  12. I’m a mind detective sometimes. Clients are glad when I am able to help them connect the dots. When I help them see the dots in the first place.

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