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Coaching Nuggets-May 2020

  • Published on May 10, 2020“He brings out the best in me!” Life & Executive Coach, Facilitator & HRDF Trainer, Writer, Public Speaker32 articles

When I leave my coaching session with my own personal coach, I would deem it a successful session if the following outcomes happen:

  1. Encouraged. I leave the coaching session with my spirit lifted that much higher than when I came into the session. I leave happier, more empowered, and more action-oriented. Meaning, I am taking action on my goals immediately.
  2. Clarity. I’m that much clearer in my thinking about my goals, current realities, the options and opportunities available, and the way forward with the will to move forward. If I had entered the coaching session with my coach feeling a sense of vagueness, or “blurness”, I leave with clarity.
  3. Motivated. If I do not leave my coach feeling motivated, that session was a failure. There must be that “magic” in the session with my coach that sparks my thinking, feelings, and actions. The magic of motivation is really worth its weight in gold in a coaching session. The coach that can motivate their client is worth his or her weight in gold.
  4. Purpose. If I leave the coaching session with a greater sense of purpose in the pursuit of my personal and professional life goals, it was worth every Ringgit. Purpose drives motivation!
  5. Supporting Structure. My coach adds great value to me when they point out, and point me to available support structures that can further develop my knowledge, skills, and other abilities in coaching effectively.

Entering into the coaching business in Malaysia is not easy. Established coaches already are partaking of the existing coaching pie, and increasing their share if they are lifelong learners. In addition, multinational companies seem to prefer expatriate coaches. The nascent coach requires much patience, and persistence in order to break-through into the market. A coaching community of practitioners and learners helps.

Franklin is an IAC Mastery Practitioner (learn more of the IAC to grow and acquire credentials here). He is a member of the IAC Kuala Lumpur chapter, a thriving and active coaching community that exists to support each other’s growth in the field. He is also a member of the Association of Coaching Supervisors & Mentors, Malaysia (learn more of this very helpful organization here).

Franklin Morais

“He brings out the best in me!” Life & Executive Coach, Facilitator & HRDF Trainer, Writer, Public Speaker

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