Covid-19 and the Pushback!

I like this image that you see above. I created it on MS-Powerpoint. And thanks to the two image producers, sources unknown. I like this image because as much as Covid-19 the virus has put 1/3s of the world on lockdown (partial, fully, a mish-mash, etc), the ultimate goal is for humankind to put Covid-19 under lockdown!

During this unprecedented post-modern crisis, the world has see so many unsung heroes rise to the fore. The nurses, the doctors, the medical hands, the medical administrators, the helpers, the cleaners, the delivery people, the logistics supply chain personnel, government and private agencies, the NGOs; all have done their part valiantly.

And we need to remember the heroes who are under lockdown in their homes as well. The public at large are heroes as well. They listened to their governments’ advise and directive to stay at home, and they have. Easily a whopping 95% or even more. At least here in Malaysia. Sensible people who have taken the orders and directives to heart. They are wearing face masks once outside and within contact with others, keeping their social distancing distances, and washing, washing and more washing, not only of our hands, but even our whole bodies.

Books are back into fashion. And so many are finding that yes, it is really nice to hold a book and to read them. Worlds open to us as we enter the pages of the stories written in these books. And not only the stories, but the incredible knowledge and experience that is shared by so many to help us in one way or another.

Source unknown

So many have had so much time to ponder. It is an existential moment for many. A time to reflect upon what really matters in life. Have I been building my life upon straw, rubble and dust? Or upon timeless values that serve as anchors during times of trouble…like now!

I’m truly blessed. I’m at a place where I’m helping others work through these existential moments. It’s not easy I admit. Yet, I have learned to count my blessings. And to be there for those who can’t see yet amidst the pain of sickness, the frustration of strained relationships, the hollowness of empty reasons for living, and just simply being tired of being shut in and locked down!

There’s help. There are people out there, out here, who can lend a listening ear. Who can absorb the pain of others. Who can help others think together and work together through the difficult decisions and moments.

You are not alone. Send that email, Call that number. Help is near. Take it.

Franklin Morais is a Certified Professional Coach with the International Association of Coaching. He is trained in counseling and psychology. He served in both corporate and faith-based organizations, and is now with his own business, Axess Potential Enterprise, an outfit committed to helping people access their own potential in excess and grow. He can be reached at

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