Going from Low to High in 3 Steps

Here are 3 steps to move from Low to High in your life:

  1. GOALS – without goals I find it so difficult to move ahead. Without goals, I realize that my life does not have direction. Or purpose. And I can very quickly get demotivated. And down. And energy-drained. So what do you enjoy doing, which you can “monetize”? How can you put that down as Long-term, Mid-term, and Short-term goals? How can you get some help in this area? Friends, relatives, a coach? The coaching scene in Malaysia is new. And coaching awareness too. However, organizations like the International Association of Coaching ( https://certifiedcoach.org/ ) provide an affordable entry into the field. Couple that with support from the KL Chapter ( https://www.facebook.com/IACMalaysia), and you may have found some bit of assistance. As you work with a coach who will be reasonably priced to walk with you, as you discover your passion in life. Which can then be monetized as you work through your goals.
  2. GET GOING – this 2nd step from Low to High is saying, “just do it!” Many times, too much thinking causes “analysis paralysis”. This could be a “defense mechanism” coming in under the radar. We struggle with our perceived effectiveness, so we rather think a lot, than act. Our beings cry out for BALANCE. Or Equilibrium. The early Psychology pioneers like Jung and Adler spoke and taught a lot on this topic of Balance/Equilibrium. Thinking must be balanced with DOING. Action and Thinking will get us going. And when our Emotions come alongside, we have an unbeatable TRIO helping us move towards our goals.
  3. REFLECT & REVIEW – this is our “cybernetic” mechanism kicking in. Cybernetics is all about self-correcting systems. Someone said that “feedback is the food of champions“. I think that is so cool. With feedback, we can adjust our direction, speed, and stops. There is definitely a time to retreat on occasion. Take a breather. Rest. Like I’m doing right now as I write this post. This gives me psychological space, even some mental space to think about how I’m doing. Of course, I have found it very helpful to do this time of reflection and review with a good friend, Jessie, my wife, and of course, a fellow IAC coach. This really depends on what works for you. Maybe a coach can help. Maybe not (especially if you get a coach with all the knowledge in the world – at least that’s what they think!).

So, if these 3 steps from Low to High helped you even a little, give me a shout at askme@axesspotential.com. Let’s see how we can access your potential in excess!

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