Positive Psychology and the Coaching approach

Individuals and organizations resonate with positivity. Positivity is infectious. Perhaps why I enjoy going to this place frequently for my daily dose of positivism…https://positivepsychology.com/

Having taught and led many classes, and workshops, and training on Emotional Intelligence, I can tell you that this is what Daniel Goleman has been propagating over 30 years…http://www.danielgoleman.info/topics/emotional-intelligence/

Just ask yourself. Do you prefer to be around people who are “energy-drainers”, or “energizers”? Coaches cannot help who they are. Meaning, they cannot hide their actual personality and temperament. So if they are merely “putting on” positivity, we will be able to see through it immediately. However, when a coach truly and really believes in being positive, it shows. It shows quite clearly. It comes out in every conversation. And I’m not referring to the “hype-type” of positivity. I’m referring to a deep and personal conviction that one can always see things from a positive perspective.

So I use Positive Psychology, especially Solution Focused Psychology, and I merge it with Gestalt elements within a Rogerian feel. Gestalt is where we help people not merely talk about their feelings, but to FEEL their feelings! And all this is done in a Rogerian feel or ethos. This means, that the person feels very safe psychologically. They will not pick up any judgemental strain coming from the coach. They are safe to be genuine. And authentic. They can share their heart.

People long for affiliation, a sense of achievement, and a sense of being in control of their lives.

And it is really difficult to go it solo in life’s journey.

I’m just trying to walk with those who realize that having someone walk along them can help accelerate their ability to access their potential for growth.


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