Hurting People Need Healing to Forgive.

How do you forgive when you’re hurt?

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How do you forgive when you’re hurting? And hurt?

Almost impossible! Without help from God, and others, almost impossible. A hurt heart needs a touch of love. A soothing touch. A touch from Another. Or another. A touch which may be a word, or an actual touch, or an angel’s touch in answer to prayer. A soft touch that conveys the message, “I feel for you”.

When you’re hurting, there’s also despair. And hopelessness. Very heavy feelings. Which stresses you out. And depress you. These feelings weigh heavy. And you need someone, like how the Hollies sang, “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” (watch it here).

And you simply MUST reach out to that Another. Or another. The load is heavy on the heart. And our hearts were not meant to bear relational loads on our own. No, relational hurts need sharing with another. Or Another. On our own, these relational hurts can crush. They cause our perspective on life to be skewed negatively. And we react negatively to others. And cause them hurt in the process. This vicious cycle must be cut.

When you’re hurt-and this hurt is almost always caused by relational reasons- reach out to one whom you have a safe relationship. Share that hurt with them. Please don’t suffer alone. You’d be surprised that you have friends, even family, who care enough and will give you a listening ear. That moment of listening is enough for the heart to begin the walk back to healing that hurt. Better still if that listener will be the medium by which you will hear healing words. And even prayer for your hurting heart.

What a relational world we live in. We even live in relationship with ourselves. Our personal world is relational. What we think, what we say and what we do, are all connected with one another. Too much thinking, and we are affected by what comes out of our mouths, or feel the lethargy upon our bones to move. We live in relationship with the external world. We are in relationship with others. With the great Other.

So when you’re hurting, don’t go it alone? Please? Share your hurt with someone. Call the Befrienders if you need (get their contact here). Call a friend. Call a family. Call anyone. Don’t suffer silently, and alone.

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