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IAC Masteries (final installment)

  • Published on May 18, 2020

In this article, I will share what makes the IAC Professional Coach exceptional, by elucidating the final three masteries, that is, masteries 7, 8, and 9.

Mastery #7 – Helping the Client set and keep Clear Intentions

The Masterful Coach is constantly aware of this principle. As much as the Masterful IAC coach is engaged in a professional dance forward with the client, he or she does not lose sight of this crucial point. Sometimes, the client can get too focused on the subsidiary issues they bring to a session. They may quickly forget what they came for in the coaching session. And lose sight of their coaching goal for that session. A Masterful IAC coach does not lose sight of the goal. The goal is always the client’s goal; the client’s outcome in the session. So as much as the client discusses and talks about a host of peripheral issues related to, and connected with their coaching session’s goal, it is the imperative of the Masterful coach to very gently, and skillfully, lead the client back to their intentions for being in the session.

This skill also involves all of the previous six Masteries. Having established and maintained trust, having perceived and affirmed the client’s potential, having engaged in deep and active listening, coaching in the present, and clarifying issues and expressing clearly and consistently, the Masterful IAC Professional coach relentlessly helps the client by ensuring that the client’s intention for the coaching session is kept.

Mastery #8 – Inviting Possibility

Here’s where the IAC Masterful Coach is set apart from other professional coaches. Thomas Leonard, the founder of the IAC, was always all about helping the client see their possibilities. I love what he said, “Opportunities don’t knock, they whisper. So shut up and listen.” Classic and vintage Thomas Leonard. The Masterful coach really does ask excellent questions that are so strategic in nature and content that indeed, they “shut up and listen” once the question is out. And that strategic question brings out such possibilities and opportunities from within the client. This is truly a magical moment! The positivity of the IAC coach helps the client to expand their awareness, think creatively, and leave their comfort zone. In doing so, the client realizes that they have so many more options than before the coaching session. Again, this Mastery builds upon the previous seven. And a Masterful Coach will practice, practice, and practice their coaching craft to crystallize these Masteries into their skillset until they are part and parcel of the Masterful Coach’s makeup. Until they flow effortlessly. Yes, they enter into “the zone“.

Mastery #9 – Helping the Client Create and Use Support Systems and Structures

The IAC Masterful coach leaves nothing to chance. They are quite aware that it is in the interest of their client to leave the session with knowledge of supporting systems and structures to reinforce their learning and action plans. It is worth repeating here that the IAC Masterful Coach is a “guardian of the process”. That is, the IAC coach trusts in the Masteries as a means to guide the process of supporting the client in their goals. They may not be subject matter experts in the field of the client’s business or workplace. They don’t have to be. The professional coach is knowledgeable about the process of helping another grow in their knowledge, skills, and other abilities to perform at any given task. Once again, all the previous eight Masteries aid to set up this final Mastery in the on-going growth of the client.

Ever since I became a member, and then a Mastery Practitioner in the International Association of Coaching, I’ve always looked forward to peer-coaching practice. Every session has helped me grow in being a more effective coach and professional. It has been a fruitful journey of growing into increased coach effectiveness. The positive fallout is that the more I grow in my coaching knowledge and skills, the better I am in my family relationships and interactions in general.

I am thankful to my IAC colleagues who set up the IAC Path to Mastery as a program to grow into effectiveness, and simultaneously, be prepared to achieve and acquire additional credentials in IAC. This demonstrates the IAC Coach’s lifelong commitment to the profession.

For more information about becoming a member of the IAC, and acquiring credentials, visit the IAC Website.

(disclaimer: this is not an officially sanctioned article of the IAC. This is simply the author’s opinion.)

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