Make Time Count!

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2020. Movement Control Order in Malaysia is in Phase 3. Some industries are opening as the government allows them to operate. This is necessary so that the Malaysian economy goes into shock! How will we respond? Or will we react according to our conditioned reflexes? It’s time to be mindful. To live with awareness and realization that our choices have made us, and our choices are making us. What will it be? Today?

  1. I will make every MOMENT COUNT!

Time is too much of a precious thing to waste. I know. I’ve already wasted so much of it, and I regret that. Now I need to make my regrets work for me. That lousy feeling of regret can be harnessed to make up for time wasted. What will I do that will add value to the world, to my loved ones, to the people I interact with, and to myself? If I’m a parent, I’m privileged! How is that? I have the incredible privilege to mentor and lead my children by example. I can be inspiring. I can be a very good listener. I can respect my children. I can really stop myself and take time to hear them…really! I can be a good coach as well. And what does a Coaching Parent do well? They ask damn good questions! They help their children think for themselves. They do this by asking very good strategic questions. Open-ended ones. The type of questions where the hearer must really ponder before responding. May I hasten to add that these open-ended questions also need to have a positive ring to them. A ring of action. Action towards a goal. Their goals. You can learn this. It may be hard to learn to listen when all your live you’ve been telling and directing and scolding. But it can be learned. I learned. Many others have learned. You can learn too.

2. I will be POSITIVE.

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What does it take to be positive? How would I change my perspective to see the “glass half-full”? Can I see the rainbow after every stormy rain? Can I see good even when bad happens?

I can be positive. It’s a choice. Especially when you have a NORTH STAR shining brightly on you. When you live in your NORTH STAR. I’m referring to your ultimate values. What’s your one value which determines every other value? For me, it is my spirituality. And that spirituality is dependent upon this Supreme Being who revealed Himself in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. People call this the “Bible”. But watch out for biasness in how we view these writings. Just being aware of our biasness helps. God is not for anybody except for Himself and for those who hold on to His values. God is just, and merciful. The cross is the evidence of this mercy, grace and justice. He doesn’t close one eye. He sees the full sadness and shame of His created race. He provided the Way out and through. Contact me for more information on the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

It’s so easy to be positive when you live in Eternal Light. When that Eternal Light lives in you. When His values become yours. Then it is such a natural thing to be positive when all around you is negative, bleak and black. When we are positive, we make a difference to all whom we come into contact with, including through online means.

Franklin Morais is a Life and Executive Coach. He strives to inspire before he expires one day! He is also an HRDF Trainer and a Certified Facilitator. He lectures/facilitates in psychology based courses for private institutions of higher learning, including a seminary in Malaysia. He can be reached for online coaching at

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