Nugget For The Day

What’s just one thing you could think of, or say, or do which could change the trajectory of your day today?

How about thinking just that thought above? I’ve come to realize that simply asking the question above can get my mind moving which has the potential to get my speech moving, and my actions going.

Gold nuggests

You are in charge. The you and what you hold dear. Your values. Our identity is indelibly linked with what’s really important and valuable to us. We tend to by default, move towards that which we value the most in our lives. And when that value is absent for whatever reason, we are like a balloon that has been pricked. We veer in all directions, out of control.

How to get back into control? Do the easiest thing of control; breathe. Simply breathe. Be so conscious that you are now breathing in, and breathing out. In this very moment, you are in control. Enjoy that sensation of being in control. We are blessed with breath! The breath of life!

Now, let’s take that breath of life, and make a decision to think something, say something, and do something that can move us into empowerment for the day.

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