IAF M’sia Chapter facilitates a superb AGM and elections (Nov 2019)


Outgoing IAF Chapter President, Patricia Nunis, handing over promotional assets to incoming President (2019-2021), Amy Wan-Ratos, during the AGM and Elections held in Nov 2019 at Shah’s Motel, where it all began in 2008 when a group of facilitator aficionados gathered to build the foundations of what we have now in the chapter in Malaysia.
People love it when the thoughts and emotions of their hearts are heard in a safe and nurturing environment . Especially when they have useful things to contribute to a group for mutual benefit .
Franklin is a member of the International Association of Facilitators ( https://www.iaf-world.org/site/members). He is also a Certified Facilitator with GrapePeople/Teamcoach International, with credentials recognized by the Finnish Education Evaluation Council ( https://grapepeople.fi/en/about-us).

Franklin was trained in counseling in the Master’s of Social Science program with an emphasis on Counseling from the University of South Australia. This training has come in very handy when he moved into Life and Executive Coaching towards the tail-end of 2018. He was introduced to the International Association of Coaching by the current global president, Capt (Rtd) Shanmugam Moorthi, and went on to acquire membership with the Mastery Practitioner credentials.

Credibility is crucial when you are in the people helping profession. There must be evidence that you have gone through a rigorous education and certification pathway. Franklin’s Mastery Practitioner credentials are testimony to that pathway.
Franklin is a member of the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur chapter.
IAC KL community comes together quarterly for Lifelong Learning & Practice events, as well as to network and grow each other’s business.
You can get more updates here … https://www.facebook.com/IACMalaysia
Franklin achieved Certified Professional Coach credentials from Teamcoach International Sdn Bhd, a Master License holder from the International Association of Coaching (IAC) in Malaysia. Teamcoach has great programs which you may want to check out here https://teamcoach.com.my/
GrapePeople is an innovative Business & Strategic Consultancy company using Facilitation to give organizations a superior advantage in visioning, actioning and delivering solutions and services. You can visit them here https://grapepeople.fi/en/

Here, https://www.ubiquityleadership.com/inspiringleaders/e091-the-magic-of-facilitation-with-franklin-morias , you will find Franklin being interview by Terry Lipovsky of Ubiquity Leadership, an international leadership and coaching consultancy based in Ottawa. Franklin talks about the magic of being part of an immersive learning experience with other people through the art and science of Facilitation. Facilitation brings out people’s voices and their heart toward achieving a common goal.
A tremendously useful site for coaches just starting out in the business.



On June 30, 2019, Franklin received the credential of Certified Facilitator from GrapePeople in collaboration with Teamcoach International Sdn Bhd. Duly recognized by the Finland Education Evaluation Council, this is the commitment to provide organizations an opportunity to access the potential of their people, in excess!
Franklin is a member of this foremost management institute in Malaysia. In March 2019, he conducted and facilitated a workshop held in MIM’s Petaling Jaya office, on the topic of “Psychosomatic Considerations in Coaching”. There were 58 participants made up of university students, CEOs of small & medium enterprises, government agencies and business owners. You can find more information to access your management potential here https://www.mim.org.my
Malaysian Association of Facilitators exists to help facilitators grow in this empowering art and science. Franklin was elected as Treasurer in their 2019 Annual General Meeting in Feb. Franklin has organized forums and events for the community of Facilitators in 2019, and many were helped in accessing their potential through this enabling process.
Franklin just took up membership in the International Association for Coaching, an International Non-Governmental Association (NGO) with United Nations consultative status (ECOSOC, WHO, UNESCO, and ILO). Here he is able to ensure he is up to date with the latest research and professional growth events in his field of counseling.
Franklin took up membership in the ACSM, the Association of professional Coaching Supervisors and Mentors, working in Malaysia super recently. This association serves the Coaching community to reach the best professional and ethical standards. In keeping with accessing potential in excess, Franklin practices what he preaches.
Get more information about this association here http://www.acsm.asia/