Services offered by Axess Potential Enterprise

  1. Life Coaching – Franklin is a Certified Professional Coach, holding the International Association of Coaching’s Mastery Practitioner credential.
    • A Life Coach helps people work through any “life” issues. It could be something as simple as Time Management to rather complex matters of identity. Coaches who work with clients on identity issues are called Ontological Coaches.
    • The client or coachee can expect total privacy and confidentiality. An agreement is signed before coaching sessions begin. This agreement is admissible in a court of law. In other words, the client or coachee has recourse to the law of the land. The coachee or client can actually sue the Life Coach if there are grounds to do so.
    • Life Coaching can help with clients who need help to develop their Interpersonal Skills. To work on matters like shyness and self-confidence in interpersonal contexts, whether personal or professional.
  2. Executive Coaching – here’s where most coaching takes place.
    • An Executive Coach is usually hired by an organization to coach their promising executives to go up the value proposition. To be ear-marked for coaching is an honor. When an executive is ear-marked to be coached, that means that the organization is investing into them for their further development.
    • Executive Coaches work with their clients to increase performance and achieve Key Performance Indexes of the client’s organization.

Franklin offers a pro bono (without charge) first preview coaching session. This preview session is important because it offers an opportunity to both coach and prospective client/coachee to size one another up. This 30 minute session gives the client the opportunity to find out about the coach’s credentials, experience, style of coaching and privacy and confidential matters. The fee is also discussed during this preview session.

If you’d like to have a preview session with Franklin, you can drop him a note at

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