Zooming into the Virtual Future!

With Covid-19 shattering Learning & Development’s traditional means of developing people, Zoom has zoomed to the forefront of L & D’s dependency on virtual platforms. After an initial blimp in security issues, Zoom is the undisputed leader in video conferencing for collaborative purposes.

According to Business of Apps website and article (click this), Zoom as of April 2020, has 300 million + daily meeting participants!

“In its fourth-quarter and fiscal 2020 earnings report around the same time, Zoom said its customer base had also grown to 81,900 firms with more than 10 employees, which is an increase of 61% since the same time last year. Its stock price has surged more than 100% since the outbreak began.” (click here to read the article from Drift in full).

In my profession as a Life & Executive Coach, Trainer, Professional Facilitator and Public Speaker, I’ve been forced to adapt to a virtual platform. Every week sees me engaged in Zoom learning sessions with friends, associates and potential clients. I’m increasing my competency in Zoom features, and seeing how I can apply them in my profession.

It’s been exciting!

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